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We made
astronaut's food
on earth
Healthy food in a convenient package

Balanced products that are produced mindfully with only natural ingredients. No artificial thickening agents, stabilizers or harmful chemical additives. Due to unique national production technologies and specially developed package Astrofood is a long shelf life product.

Areas of application

Foods for space crews are developed by taking into account the physiological and sanitary-hygienic features of the environment in the Earth’s orbit.

Astrofood is used during long-term camping and suitable for storage in unstable temperature conditions.

Astrofood is nutritiously balanced and suitable for sports nutrition as well as a full meal substitute during hunting and fishing.

Astrofood is reducing tiredness during studies and improving the ability to work due to the high energy value of astronaut food.

Products are enriched with vitamins and in a convenient packaging which is ideal for busy office workers to maintain a balanced diet.

Astrofood is resistant to various mechanical and thermal influences, and it can be used to cater to emergency situations.

Russia - the motherland of astronautics

Space food was initially developed and made in the USSR. For more than 50 years, Russia leads in the production of high-quality nutrition for Russian space expeditions and international crews.

Public Scientific Research Institutions of the Food Concentrate Industry and Special Food Technology — The main developer of space recipes for astronauts.

The Biryulyovo experimental plant — The primary manufacturer of food for a diet of astronauts on the International Space Station.

The Space Food Laboratory mission is to make space food available for consumers which is produced by special cooking technologies of balanced products.

Vending Machines

Astrofood is convenient to sell without the direct involvement of the seller — through modern vending machines.

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